Due to the sensitive and fragile nature of our products, we seek your kind understanding that slight imperfections found in/ on our products are generally part of the manufacturing process, or are intentionally made as part of their design.

We ensure that our products are fit for sale and use before we pick, pack, seal and deliver. As we constantly source for quality merchandise, we will continue to be transparent with you about our products.

For product-specific do's and don'ts, we recommend to refer to the product description of the individual product's listing.

  • Decor

All of our decor pieces can be cleaned regularly with a gentle dust cloth.

  • Diningware

Our range of diningware is best cleaned and maintained by hand wash with gentle dishwashing liquid. Though they are generally safe for use with microwaves and dishwashers (unless otherwise stated), these methods are not recommended. 

When used as decor, clean the product regularly with a gentle dust cloth.

  • Bags (nahë)

Do not store excessively heavy or sharp objects, or pull the buckle forcibly as that may cause damage.

Wipe off dirt with natural detergent or wipe off with dry cloth. Dry in a well-ventilated place before storing.

  • Cases, Pouches, Stationery (Hightide, nahë, Penco)

Spot clean with gentle soap on a damp cloth, or simply wipe away dirt with a gentle dust cloth.

For any questions or concerns you might still have, you may drop us an e-mail at hello@edenthebrand.com.

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